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Malformations of the Lymphatic Systems


The term lymphatic malformation describes abnormal prenatal development of the lymphatic system. Such a problem can affect any part of the body including other body systems.

Sometimes these conditions are detected by ultrasound before birth, are obvious at birth, or become obvious later as the child develops.

These conditions which require specialized type of treatment other than those normally used for primary and secondary lymphedema, are beyond the scope of Lymph Notes and are not discussed here.

However in an effort to help a parent of a child with lymphatic malformations, the Lymph Notes team has located websites that can be helpful resources for the parents of children affected by these conditions.

A very young baby with severe

lymphatic malformation on the lower

portion of his face. @Lymph Notes.

EXAMPLE: Shown here is a baby with a developmental problem that causes abnormal swelling in the head and neck area. Research is being conducted to correct this swelling problem so that this child may live a normal life.


Because these conditions are rare, it is difficult to find accurate information about the conditions and treatment methods. Although a site is listed here, it is still the responsibility to evaluate and judge the accuracy of its content.

  • The National Organization of Vascular Anomalies (NOVA), is a nonprofit organization providing assistance to individuals affected by hemangiomas & vascular malformations. Like Lymph Notes, this website, has met the quality standards required to be entitled to display the icon of HON (Health on the Net Foundation). This site, which is maintained by a board of physicians, includes a section specific to lymphatic malformations. Here you can find information and links to physicians who specialize in treating these conditions.
  • Another helpful parental location is the Little Leakers website. Here families with a child with any type of lymphatic malformation reach out to provide information, tips, and support that are helpful to parents, family members and friends


"Advances in Our Understanding of the Genetics of Lymphoedema: From Diagnosis to Treatment" by Professor Neil B. Piller. Lymph Link, Vol 20, #2 pages 1-31.

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