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Old Oct 30, 2005, 06:12 PM
Jen Jen is offline
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Is it possible that I developed lymphedema?


I was wondering what you guys may think of this, I recently did my open water scuba diving course in Thailand, about a day or two later my ankles swelled up considerably and stayed this way for 6 weeks (I mean really swollen!) I attributed it to acclaimatising to heat but now we've been travelling around south east asia for three months so when we went diving again in Nha Trang and the same thing happened it couldn't have been the heat, though they came down faster this time (two weeks). I spoke to a doctor I met (in the pub so no definite diagnosis here!!) and he said it may be something to do with my lymphatic system, I have always had problems with circulation in my legs and feet, and my feet and lower legs hurt a bit regularly as I stand all day in work so I put any swelling down to that, I think my family may have a history of swollen ankles too. Not really sure what lymphema is, or how to treat it if I have developed it so any thoughts would be nice


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Old Nov 4, 2005, 01:32 PM
Dave Dave is offline
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Hey Jen,

I share your enthusiasm for scuba diving and, despite having lymphedema, I am still able to continue diving. In fact, the pressure and salt water are considered to be helpful to treating the condition.

You really need to find a healthcare provider to get an accurate diagnosis. If there are questions, you might ask for a conference with a lymphedema therapist. This is a chronic condition; however the sooner the condition is treated, the more effectively it can be controlled.

If you do have lymphedema, you need to take precautions to prevent any cuts, scratches, or injuries to the affected tissue. Even a small break in the skin can cause a nasty and serious infection.


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