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Old Jul 5, 2004, 12:01 PM
lek lek is offline
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Lymphedema Disability?

Hello, I had breast cancer 13 years ago and developed Lymphedema shortly after. The conditioned has worsened where I find it difficult to perform my duties as a teacher. [I teach ADD children ages 5-6.] This gets worse in the spring/fall months because of the high temperature that the room gets as it is not air conditioned. It is better during the cooler winter months. I have been through all therapy treatments, massage, wrapping, pressure machines, Juzo sleeve and Reid sleeve. The condition gets better at night after night time treatment but as the day progress so does the swelling and now I am experiencing severe pain and fatigue.
I am in my mid fifties and cannot retire for several years. I was told that there may be a possibility to go on disability through my state pension plan. Does anyone have experience in making any disability claims through state disability or through Social Security? [I have been told that Lymphedema is not on the approved list for Social Security.]

Thanks everyone for your help in answering these questions.
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Old Jan 2, 2005, 10:21 AM
ramarch16 ramarch16 is offline
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Thumbs up disability

I am 54 and have been receiving SS disabilty for 3 yrs is a long road to haul and they want to finacially break you, but it is well worth the fight if you have family to help get you through. First you must been not working for a period of one to two yrs...which means no money coming in......then you must have proof via Drs and clinics that you can no longer perform your job...then prepared to be turned down...I was and rather then fight alone, i hired a lawyer who does this and this alone...he takes no money upfront and gets a partial amt from your first check....his amt is controlled by govement so not to worry and check goes back to time you first were not working after the 2yr waiting period. i was very lucky...I had a wonderful caring female judge who was appalled by my treatment...she declarded me disabled and passed the 2 yr reexam and told them not to bother me for 7 yrs....Thank heaven for small favors......sooooo good luck!!
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Old Feb 22, 2005, 11:51 AM
fineline888 fineline888 is offline
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Depends on where you live

I am in NY and got approved first try to SSD -- of course, I want a cure and I want to go back to my job. My doctor was the one who insisted I apply because I dislocated my pelvic bone from dragging around my left leg. I thought she was lame...but I agreed to get a wheelchair and thought applying might help with the cost (they are really expensive!).

I am only 42. Be sure to check with your personnel office...I found out that i can apply for my retirement benefits under a disability so long as I apply within 30 days of leaving the payroll...what that does is it allows me to get my retirement (at a reduced rate) but without any penalties.

The hardest part of this illness for me has been the ups and downs. I have small windows where I have good energy and really want to get to work... but I can't consistently maintain that level of function.... even with the taping, massage, pump and garments. I am having a hard time accepting this. I prayed, asked questions and just filed the papers...cause i knew if I got all stressed I would jsut cause another flare up.....

I sure hope God has a plan for me, I have been stuck at home alone for months.... I miss my job and my life. Glad y ou are all here. Lynn
To the world you may be only one person, but to one person you may mean the world....
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