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Old Jul 7, 2004, 09:03 AM
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Lymph Node Locations

Hello, im a 15 year old male from Ontario, Canada. Also a hypochondriac... I'm posting because I have had this little bump behind my right ear for a long time, basically as long as I can remember. Its about the size of an adult pinky nail, maybe smaller and hasn't gotten larger since first discovered. I just got back from a vacation from Florida, and with having all the time to think, I got myself into a big debate, in which I can't sleep at night thinking if its cancer, etc. The bump itself is soft, and I can grab it and move it anywhere I like and is not soar at all. Its about 10mm behind the middle of my ear, and is by itself on the outside of the skull. It isnt mixed in with any other muscle or anything else.

There is also another (minor)...I wouldnt call it a lump, because it is only noticeable if you thoroughly inspect the area with your finger. Its on the back of my neck, on the left muscle, towards the top of the muscle. Once pain and it seems to disappear sometimes. I found it on the car ride to Florida when my mind wouldnt stop racing about what I would do if I had cancer... I was rubbing it and grabbing it, and well...after a while of doing that it then basically felt like I myself a "charlie horse" in that area. I know that doesn't make sense, but to me a "charlie horse" is when you hit a muscle (typically the muscle on the top side of your thigh) and it gets sort of soar. I know I should go see my doctor about it, and I will, but I want to know some more information about the locations of the lymph nodes.

Thank you very much,

-K. Lambe


The second little bump, I was just reading up on that usually if any swollen Lymph Nodes are swollen, there located just about the hairline, my bump is located below the hairline, maybe by a 1 or 2 mm.

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Old Jul 9, 2004, 02:23 PM
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hi K_Lambe
I am an orthopedic (bones) nurse, so I don't know a lot about the lymphatic system, but your question got me digging in my textbooks. Firstly, cancerous nodes are hard, and fixed. (Yours is soft and moveable, so it is very unlikely that it is cancer) It is also not likely that you would have just one lonely swollen node.(and I'm not so sure the size of a pinky nail counts as swollen) If you have no other symptoms, in my uneducated opinion, it sounds more like a small cyst. (Like a sack/pouch with harmless fluid/semifluid/solid material in it) My suggestion is to see a doctor to ease your mind, and stop panicking. Also, ask your mom to look at it. Mom's always seem to know this stuff.
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