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Telesto Medtech


Telesto Medtech
464 Common Street
Suite 365
Belmont, MA 02478 US
Tel: 1-831-621-8011
WWW: www.telesto-medtech.com
Offers: Garments and compression aids

Telesto Medtech is the developer and manufacturer of ERX therapeutic garments for edema reduction. Designed by Don Kellogg, the ERX combines multiple forms of gradient pressure in a comfortable to wear, non-mechanical sleeve, and comes in a variety of designs to treat most every part of the body, including head and neck.

As a company, Telesto began operations in mid-2006, although its origin can be traced to over 14 years before when Don's wife, June Rose, was suffering from lymphedema in her left arm after a mastectomy. Frustrated by the treatments that were available at that time, Don worked with her doctor to develop a device that she could wear at night to reduce her swelling.

In the years since, Don worked tirelessly with lymphedema therapists and patients in order to develop ever-more effective garments. In addition to patenting the "directional flow" technology that has been incorporated into the design of a number of compression products available today, Don's research has led to a variety of new technologies for the treatment of lymphedema all incorporated into Telesto's ERX edema reduction products.


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