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Ann Ehrlich is a professional medical writer who also has secondary lymphedema following breast cancer treatment. Ann brings to this book her personal “need to know” about living well with lymphedema.


Alma Vinjé-Harrewijn, PT, CLT-LANA is a licensed physical therapist with more than 15 years of experience and postgraduate training in manual lymph drainage using the techniques of Vodder, Földi, Chikly, and others. Alma brings to this book many practical techniques, especially for self care, based on her years of experience helping people live well with lymphedema. She is a member of the International Society of Lymphology and the NVFL (the Dutch association for physical therapy specialists in lymphology) and writes a regular column for Oedeminus, the NVFL journal.


Elizabeth McMahon, PhD is a clinical psychologist who brings to this book over 25 years of experience helping patients, many of whom have chronic medical conditions. She shares her expertise in helping individuals learn new skills for managing anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues that can be part of living well with a chronic condition like lymphedema.

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Publication: Living Well With Lymphedema
Updated: 2010-11-02


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