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Table of Contents


Section I—How to Use This Book

Section II—Understanding Lymphedema

1. What is Lymphedema?

2. The Diagnosis of Lymphedema

3. The Treatment of Lymphedema

4. Finding Quality Lymphedema Treatment

5. Insurance and Reimbursement Issues

6. Complications of Lymphedema

7. Lymphedema and Other Conditions

8. The Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema

Section III—Self-Management of Lymphedema

9. Skin, Nail, and Foot Care

10. Self-Massage

11. Self-Bandaging

12. Home Exercise Program

13. Aquatic Therapy

14. Nutrition Tips

15. Keeping a Health Journal

16. Having Fun

Section IV—Understanding the Lymphatic System


About the Authors

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Publication: Living Well With Lymphedema
Updated: 2017-01-02


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