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Reviewer comments:

A very encouraging book—like having your own therapist and a close friend along as you try new behaviors.
Claudia Kelsey

Empowering and practical, with exercises the reader can jump right into and know they are taking steps to help themselves. I love the emphasis throughout the book that the patient is in control.
Christine P. Thomas, MSPT, CLT-LANA

I learned from each part. I’m going to copy a few pages for my employer; I’ve asked my husband to read the section for him; my therapist wants a copy.
Pat Speckman

I found this book immediately comforting. Lymphedema can be isolating but this book helped me feel less alone. … I believe anyone with lymphedema or their loved ones will benefit from this book.
Adrienne, recently diagnosed with lymphedema

I think this book is very valuable and a great tool for healthcare professionals and patients alike. I hope it will help strengthen my relationship with my patients and the eff ectiveness of our work.
Doris Laing, LMBT, CLT-LANA

Helping us know how to provide for our own needs and to overcome the emotionally crippling results of lymphedema.
Karen Kohr-Blinn

This book is full of basic psychological truths which are insightful, constructive, and very helpful.
Judith Janaro Fabian, PhD, ABPP


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