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     "Wow. This easy to read book was a real “page turner.” When I first sat down to read it, I thought I would be able to get thru maybe 50 pages in one day, well, I was able to read all 236 pages in one day … and actually wished there were more stories to read. There were stories of inspiration and joy. There were stories that made me angry because folks had to suffer so much or so long before they got correct diagnosis and adequate therapy.
     "The articles were heart-felt,uplifting and educational. I felt the courage the authors demonstrated with their refusal to let lymphedema define them even when they had to redefine their lives. Some of the articles made me chuckle or laugh out loud. Many of the articles gave good, solid advice about living successful with lymphedema. 
     "Overall, an excellent resource for lymphedema patients, therapists, and other health care practitioners. It’s a book that should be required reading in all schools that turn out healthcare providers whether it’s medical school, physical-occupational-massage therapy schools, nursing schools or courses that specialize in lymphedema management."
          Kathryn McKillip Thrift, BS, CLT-LANA

     "This book is a must read for all persons touched by lymphedema: persons with lymphedema, significant others, care givers, and members of the medical team. It provides a refreshing and informative perspective that is most often overlooked; that being the person living with or at risk for developing lymphedema.
    "This book communicates the emotional experience of lymphedema as no other. These amazing real life stories allowed you to look inside the life of persons living with this chronic disease. You will experience the gamut of emotions as you read this book."
          Linda McGrath Boyle, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

     "In Voices of Lymphedema, the reader will find story after personal story of the difficulties and triumphs associated in living with primary and secondary lymphedema. This comprehensive book is very easy to read and provides practical advice that is readily applicable to everyday life. 
     "From the beginning, patients will be quickly assured of just how many voices exist in the lymphedema community and comforted in knowing that they are not alone. In addition, health care professionals will find this book to be a valuable and practical resource for patients who are dealing with a myriad of medical issues and who hope to one-day return to their prior level of activity."
          Mary Kathleen Kearse, PT, CLT-LANA

      Voices of Lymphedema provides a complete look at managing lymphedema on both a practical and emotional level. This compilation of essays written by individuals with lymphedema as well as lymphedema therapists illustrates the real frustrations individuals with lymphedema encounter, but also chronicles how individuals effectively manage the condition and lead full and active lives. 
     “The essays, some serious and some humorous, provide personal stories as well as practical advice on learning about and managing lymphedema day to day, traveling, hobbies, and how to be a self advocate. Voices is a very useful resource for both individuals with the condition, as well as therapists who treat it. The essays are honest and inspiring.”
          Anna Kellogg, OTR/L, CLT

     "For me the essence of the book is reflected in this quote from Joanne Young’s story (page 35) ‘. . . Being involved made it necessary for me to understand lymphedema in greater depth, and I was able to take much comfort in knowing that I am not alone . . .' "
          Ruthi Peleg, BPt, BSc, CLT Certified Casley-Smith Instructor

Reviews from the National Lymphedema Network (NLN)

     “This is a wonderful collection of stories and tips about how to handle lymphedema from people that deal with the problem everyday. It covers the life spectrum, from pregnancy to the elderly, male and female issues, upper and lower extremity lymphedema, genetic or secondary onset. There are applicable tips within the stories but the appendix lists a variety of useful summaries. The book includes precaution information, a glossary, books, websites and organizations that assist with lymphedema information all within 236 pages.

     “You will find a passage to identify with and pick up tips to handle many situations in life. If you are a person new to lymphedema this book reassures you that you are not alone. If you are familiar with lymphedema it further expands knowledge about coping strategies to deal with lymphedema."

          Julie Peterson, BSN, Breast cancer survivor with lymphedema

     "Voices of Lymphedema" is easy to read and contains practical information that those living with lymphedema will find useful. As a lymphedema therapist, I found the personal stories of patients both touching and inspiring. The chapters on dealing with everyday issues and reimbursement contained information that I can put to use in my practice. I would recommend this book to anyone whose life has been touched by lymphedema.”

          Vicki Parker, OTR, MLDT

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Updated: 2007-11-12


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