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"This book fills a longstanding gap in lymphedema management. It is a must read for professional and family caregivers."
--Sheila Ridner, PhD, RN


Chronic swelling from lymphedema (or lymphoedema) affects 3-5 million Americans including 20-40% of cancer survivors. Caregivers improve the quality of life for people with lymphedema through home care and emotional support. This is the first book to provide detailed caregiver instructions (with illustrations) and a systematic approach to evaluating needs, arranging and coordinating care.

This book will help:

  • People with lymphedema and their families and friends understand care needs, locate caregivers, and navigate the reimbursement maze.
  • Caregivers understand lymphedema and lymphedema care, provide physical care and emotional support, manage home care, and avoid physical injury and emotional burnout.
  • Lymphedema therapists work more effectively with their patients and the patient’s caregivers.
  • Care planners and administrators understand lymphedema and the special requirements of lymphedema home care.


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Publication: Lymphedema Caregiverís Guide
Updated: 2010-11-05


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