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A comprehensive guide for lymphedema caregivers that is well thought out and provides lots of good advice.
—Wade Farrow, MD, CWS

Please congratulate the authors for me - it is a wonderful resource that I will be recommending to my patients and their caregivers.
—Bonnie Lasinski, MA, PT, CI, CLT-LANA (read her review in NLN Lymph Link)

This publication instructs and addresses the emotional, physical, financial, and cognitive needs of all involved in caring for persons with lymphedema. It is well organized and provides concrete practical solutions with written lists and pictures that will organize and instruct persons with lymphedema, their significant others and their caregivers. This book also provides wonderful information and up to date resources for practicing lymphedema therapists.
—Linda Boyle, PT CLT-LANA

The most comprehensive guide available for caregivers of patients with lymphedema, it can be recommended to professional caregivers and other interested readers as a very useful source of knowledge.
— Liliya V. Jones, MD, PT, CLT

‘Bout time! Lymphedema caregiving is really an unsung and labor intensive task, and for most caregivers it’s also fraught with the emotional weight of the suffering of a family member or friend. This book to support the process and the skills of the caregiver will certainly find a ready audience.
—Bonnie Pike, lymphedema patient

As a caregiver, I believe this book will provide a source of information and guidance for both caregivers and patients alike.
—Nate Rinehart, lymphedema caregiver

An amazing one-stop compendium of all the information one would need to be an effective, compassionate, and healthy caregiver to someone with lymphedema.
—Elizabeth J. Eastwood, starred review in Library Journal, 1/15/2009

There is a lot to absorb and the Lymphedema Caregiver's Guide provides an excellent set by step tool for helping the person living with lymphedema and their caregivers cope with the condition. This guide will help them navigate and formulate a care plan that works best for both the caregiver and patient.
--Donna Lue Reise, RN, CDT-LANA, in Lymphedema Matters (newsletter of the Lymphovenous Association of Ontario) Spring/Summer 2009.


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Publication: Lymphedema Caregiverís Guide
Updated: 2010-11-05


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