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Self-Care for Lymphedema

Information about the self care steps that are an important part of your lymphedema treatment.

Exercise Advice
Since the movements of muscle and joint pumps increase the rate of lymph flow up to 15 times above the resting rate,   exercise is an essential component in the prevention, and management, of lymphedema. <more...>
Maintaining Healthy Feet
Proper foot care is extremely important for those with lymphedema of the lower extremities. This article contains suggestions in appropriate foot care. <more...>
Maintaining Healthy Skin
Maintaining healthy skin is particularly important for those with lymphedema because having intact skin, with NO scraps or cuts, prevents infection causing bacteria from entering the tissues and causing an infection. <more...>
Scar Therapy and Lymphedema
A discussion of treatment methods to drain and soften scar tissue that blocks the normal flow of lymph. <more...>
Water Exercises for Lymphedema
Aquatic therapy, which is helpful in the treatment of lymphedema in water, includes activities and exercises. These activities are  pleasant and very beneficial. <more...>

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