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The Epidemic No One Talks About
Now that cancer has become a chronic condition, we face a stealth epidemic of lymphedema among cancer survivors.  Many physicians don’t recognize lymphedema and some deny that it happens—but there it is in all of its swollen glory.  That is the gloomy side of the picture.


The bright side of the picture is that this situation is changing!  Physicians and other healthcare providers are becoming more aware of lymphedema and promising research on lymphedema prevention and treatment is underway.  Most importantly, there is a growing, but still not large enough, pool of specialized therapists who treat lymphedema and improve the quality of life for their patients.


Another change for the better is that patients are taking a more active role in the management of their own healthcare.  These patients ask questions and search for answers.  They want to know!  Many also support each other by swapping tips on what works, or doesn’t work, or just by listening through the tough times that come from living with a chronic condition.


Our goal in creating this book is to provide practical information in a format that is easy-to-understand for people with lymphedema, friends and family, and healthcare professionals.  We hope that we will be able to help you live well with lymphedema.


Get your copy now! Buy now in paperback from Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Barnes and Noble (ISBN 978-0-9764806-1-7) or see Ordering Information for other options.

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Publication: Living Well With Lymphedema
Updated: 2017-01-02


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