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Oedeminus Review

This review by Judith Zuurmond, was published in Oedeminus, #4 December 2005, page 11. Oedeminus is the Dutch Journal for Lymphatic Physical Therapists.



The intention of this book is to give practical information to those with lymphedema, their family and friends, their caregivers, and to serve as a reference book for healthcare professionals.

The authors are a lymphedema patient, a physical therapist with specialized training in the treatment of lymphedema, and a clinical psychologist.

The book starts with how to use the book and in what order one can read the chapters. Throughout the book are little personal stories of patients.

It is a clear and well written and well organized book with great illustrations. The information in boxes is easy readable and one can easily find the subjects.

Overview of the Content

The book tells about what lymphedema is, how it is diagnosed, and how it is treated. This includes information about what MLD is and what bandaging, compression sleeves, and kinesiotape are. It also mentions the old wives tales in relation to lymphedema; what helps and what not.

There is a chapter on the requirements of a lymphedema therapist, what the insurance will reimbures and how to act when the insurance doesn’t pay for the lymphedema services. There is even an example on how to write a letter of appeal. (Typically American.)

Complications of lymphedema are discussed and also how to adjust and custom-made treatment in case of complications, like cardiac insufficiency, chronic venous insufficiency, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy.

There is an entire chapter on the emotional impact of having lymphedema. It gives an overview of what are normal emotional reactions and how to cope with them. It also gives information on what is not a normal emotional response and what to do. These hints are useful for patient and therapist. Communication with family, employer, and doctors are also covered in this book.

Self-management of lymphedema

This section extensively tells about skin care, self-massage (with pictures and supporting text), self-management, home exercises (with pictures), and a training program to start walking. Exercising in water and benefits of healthy nutrition have their own chapter. The message in the last section is that patient should not be afraid of all the do’s and don’ts, but instead listen to their own body and use this book to gain knowledge so one won’t get surpised by unexpected situations. Keep enjoying your life. There are even hints on how to enjoy a life with lymphedema.

Understanding the lymphatic system

This section discusses the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system. It also explains the differences with the cardiovascular system. The effect of MLD is described and all of this with clear illustrations.

I find it a useful and informative book for patients and to have at hand as a healthcare professionals to use it as illustration material for patients.



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