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Lymphedema Information

What is Lymphedema?
Information about the types, symptoms, and stages of lymphedema. <more...>
Are You at Risk for Lymphedema?
Learn who is at risk for developing lymphedema and the preventive steps they should take. <more...>
How Lymphedema is Treated
Descriptions of the different types of lymphedema treatment. <more...>
Living With Lymphedema
Information, helpful tips, and news items of interest relating to lymphedema. <more...>
Lymphedema and Other Conditions
Information to help the reader understand the relationship between lymphedema and other medical conditions that may be present at the same time. <more...>
Lymphedema Emergencies and Complications
Essential information to help you determine if you have a complication or lymphedema related emergency that requires immediate medical treatment. <more...>
Nutrition and Lymphedema
Nutrition affects lymphedema in multiple ways and better nutrition can help improve your lymphedema symptoms, including swelling and pain. For details on how food choices affect lymphedema and ‘eating to starve lymphedema’ see our Lymphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide. Articles in this category include information from our book, updates for new research, and more detailed information on related topics. If you have questions about nutrition for lymphedema or lipedema, please Contact Us. <more...>
Seeking Lymphedema Treatment
Valuable information and links to resources to help you make an informed decision when selecting a lymphedema therapist or treatment center. <more...>
Self-Care for Lymphedema
Information about the self care steps that are an important part of your lymphedema treatment. <more...>
The Lymphatic System
A simplified explanation of how the lymphatic system normally functions. <more...>


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