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This page allows you to personalize LymphNotes.com. Options include:

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  • My Stories is a great way for your to share your stories about living well with lymphedema! These stories, and the rotating photos, are one of the favorite LymphNotes.com features. Click on My Stories to discover how your story and photo can be posted as part of this feature!
  • My User Profile allows you to view and change information you entered when you registered as a new member. You can use this feature to add more information about yourself to be posted on your member profile. You can also use it to update your e-mail address; however, this information remains private.
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  • My User Options allows you to view and change the way the forums work and the way information is displayed. This is where you can alter some of the choices you made when you signed in as a new member. In case you missed it when you signed in, you'll want to set your “Time Offset” so times are not displayed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Otherwise, since the defaults are set to give you maximum privacy and protection, there should be no need to change these options.
  • My Pro Info is where licensed medical professionals apply to be upgraded to professional status. Approved professionals are included in the Lymphedema Professionals listing and have access to the special “Medical Professionals Only” forums. To upgrade your status, you must already be a member and be logged in. After you are logged in, click on My Pro Info. Read the information on the next page and then click on the button at the bottom to reach the registration form.

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