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My Stories

Sharing Stories

Members are encouraged to share stories about their experiences. We are looking for upbeat stories about living well with Lymphedema as well as cautionary tales and lessons learned. Each story should be about one page in length and may include one photograph (optional). Stories are subject to review before they are published and may be edited for content or format.

Photos submitted with stories may be selected to appear in the photo area at the top of certain pages. Each of these pictures is linked to the associated story and will include a credit line with your User Name.

Stories and photos are subject to legal restrictions as explained in our Terms of Service. By submitting a story you are agreeing that you are the copyright owner and that you grant Lymph Notes the right to use your materials. If there are any recognizable persons appearing in the photo, you agree that you have their permission to use their images and that you grant Lymph Notes this right.

Preparing the Text

You may want to write the story in Microsoft Word or some other editor and then copy and paste the text into the form provided. Do not be concerned about formatting; our editors will format the text and insert the photo into the story.

Each story includes three parts:

  • Title that grabs the reader's attention. The title will be displayed in the list of stories and at the top of the page.
  • Summary, a few lines that will interest the reader in reading the whole story. The list of stories by category includes the summary of each story.
  • Body, the story itself. This should be about one page in length.

Preparing the Photo

Select a photo that is clear, attention getting, and illustrates the story. Images that we publish with stories are subject to limits on image size and file size; we will adjust your photo to fit if necessary.

Photos may be uploaded with your story if you have a digital image. Examples of digital images include pictures taken with a digital camera or images scanned from prints or slides and stored in files of type JPG File (preferred), PNG Image, or GIF Image. If you scan a print to create a digital image, please use the following settings: image type of True Color, scan resolution 200 or 300 dpi (dots per inch), and file type of JPG.

If you have a print or slide that is not in digital form; we will scan the image for you after your story is accepted. Submit your story without the image and add a note about the image in the Comments field. We will contact you to arrange to have a copy of the image scanned.

Submit your story

You are not logged in. Before you may submit a story you must register as a LymphNotes.com Member and log in with your user name and password. See the instructions below.

To submit a story, come back to this page (My Stories) and click the Submit a new story button. (Note: this button appears after you log in, currently it is hidden because you are not logged in.) This will take you to a page where you may enter the:

  • Title (required)
  • Summary (optional)
  • Body (required): copy and paste the text of the story into this form.
  • Photo (optional), click on the Browse… button and select the file on your computer that contains the photo. This file will be uploaded automatically.
  • Comments (optional), information that you would like to share with the editor. This information will not be displayed with the story.

When you have finished filling out the form, click the Submit Story button.

If you have submitted stories, the My Stories page will include a list of your stories with the current status of each story. Status values include:

  • Awaiting Review: you may change the story if you like.
  • Published: you may not change the story. If you want to change a published story, see below.
  • Under Review: an editor started looking at the story, you may not make changes.
  • Unpublished: an editor has decided against publishing the story, you may view the editor's comments.

To change a story that has already been published, submit the story again and include a note in the Comments area to let the editor know which story this should replace. Replacement stories go through the same editorial review process as new stories.

Need help? Try the How do I...? forum.

You are not logged in. Before you may submit a story you must register as a LymphNotes.com Member and Log In. If you have not yet registered, go to Register and sign up, registration is free and only requires an e-mail address.

After you have registered, and received your password via e-mail;  please log in by entering your username and password in the gray boxes below and clicking the Log In button, then return to this page for more options.


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