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Professional Info

If you are a lymphedema therapist or other qualified health care professional, we would be delighted to have you upgrade your status to that a professional member. There is no charge for this service that can help you and your potential future clients. The special benefits for professional Lymph Notes members include:

  •       Professional Listing. Your name and the professional information will be included in the Professional Listing in the resources section. This listing is one place where lymphedema patients will be looking for qualified professional help.
  •       Professional Icon. A special professional icon will appear with your user profile on the membership list and on all of your posts to the forums. This quickly identifies you as a professional.
  •       Access to a “Medical Professionals Only” forum. You won’t see this forum until you have completed your upgrade to professional status. Then, when you are logged in as a professional, this will be visible on your forum page. Here is a special place where you can swap questions, tips, case studies, and information with other professionals.
  •       An invitation to submit articles for the Lymphedema Information section. This area is a valued information resource for members -- particularly those who are newly diagnosed and desperately seeking information. It is also a resource for facilities that want to use articles as informational hand-outs for patients. In this section, articles are accepted only from registered professionals. Articles, with references and photos if appropriate, should be e-mailed to webmaster@lymphnotes.com. Each Article will be reviewed by the Editorial Board for appropriateness and content. Articles that are accepted will include your byline and a link to your professional listing.



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